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Queen Elizabeth II personally celebrated her 96th birthday

Queen Elizabeth II personally celebrated her 96th birthday

The shootings from the Tower of London and Hyde Park will mark the event and the military band ‘Happy Birthday’ will play for the event.

A private party in Sandringham

But a spokeswoman for Buckingham Palace said the Queen, who passed the milestone of 70 years of rule in February, would celebrate the day “privately”. He flew by helicopter Wednesday to Sandringham State Garden, 200 kilometers north of London. According to the British press, he will spend a few days in a relatively ordinary wood farm with a view of the North Sea. Her husband, Philip, died last year.

The first months of her “Platinum Jubilee” will lead to much-anticipated four-day celebrations in early June, and the Queen will not have an easy time amid her health issues. Allegations of sexual harassment against his son Andrew – He recently reached a financial agreement with the accused – but questions about the future of the monarchy and the Commonwealth.

Rare appearances

Since a brief hospitalization in October, the appearance of sovereignty has become very rare. He still continues to perform “light duties” at Castle Windsor, most often by video conference.

However, he did not attend the Easter Conference held at Fort Church last Sunday. The number of appearances he has planned in recent months Have been canceled And sometimes at the last minute. However, on March 29, she was urged to attend a religious ceremony in Westminster Abbey to pay tribute to her late husband, Prince Philip, who died on April 9, 2021 at the age of 99.

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We saw her come into the arms of her son Andrew and lean on the cane, walk weakly and politely, slowly, get up several times during the service, and then greet the participants. But she did not come through the main door to limit her effort. This is his first major public appearance in a few months.

The Queen told herself she could not “move” in mid-February, and showed off her left leg during a visit to Windsor.


According to the British press, he will now use a wheelchair privately, and a mounted lift will be installed in his Scottish home in Palmoral.

Adding to these issues, she caught on Govt-19 in February, Buckingham Palace talked about “mild symptoms”. “It makes you very tired and exhausted, doesn’t it?” This terrible epidemic “, recently handed over the sovereignty to the caretakers.

“She is in excellent condition,” his grandson Harry told NBC on Wednesday after a surprise visit to Windsor Castle last week with his wife, Megan. The couple, who have now immigrated to California, have not seen her for two years. They appeared in the Netherlands Invictus games.

Still the most famous queen

Since October, the Queen has mostly presented her son, Prince Charles, 73, to the heir to the crown. But he’s much less popular than she is – 43% positive against the Queen – 69% – even less popular than her son Prince William, 39 (64%), according to a March Ipsos poll.

42% of Britons want to resign in favor of Prince Charles William Kate Girl is also very popular (60%).

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But William and Kate’s recent tour of the Caribbean to celebrate the monarchy’s merger with the former colonies during the Jubilee has sometimes led to tense conflicts, particularly about the slavery of the United Kingdom in the past. Difficulties ahead.

Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holmes called his change of country “inevitable.” Commonwealth Led by the Queen, towards Republican rule.