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Dupont approaches the game against Australia seriously

Mathieu WARNIER, Media365, Posted on Friday November 04, 2022 at 8:30 pm.

As France’s XV takes on Australia this Saturday, its captain Antoine Dupont is making sure the Blues are wary of the Wallabies, who last weekend showed their ability to give it their all until the end.

Seven months after the Grand Slam, France’s XV will find its audience. The Blues will challenge Australia at the Stade de France to kick off the November tour and their captain Antoine Dupont did not fail to note the Wallabies’ performance in Scotland last weekend. “The Australian team has been playing together for months. They’ve got a lot of automatisms, they know each other well, the tricolor scrum-half recalled during the pre-match press conference. It was never easy to win in Edinburgh, it was a tough, competitive match and often, they were outplayed, they didn’t give up and they won the match. We know with what purpose they come here. Meeting with Toulouse after being confirmed as captain. A situation in which he promised to live “beautifully” before insisting on nesting. “As I say and repeat, I’m not alone in this group. Now that Charles Olivone is back, he’s a leader in his own right, like Gail Fickou, Gregory Aldrid or Julien Marchand. It’s going very well.” Australia faced XV du Chardon , remained precarious until the last moments of the match, robbing the extremists of victory.

DuPont: “The deadline will come eventually”

Recalling past disappointments, Antoine Dupont did not hide the fact that “international matches are always very tight and details are decided at the last minute.” The captain of France’s XV said the team had been “working towards the end of the tournament for some time now” with the desire to “be ready for all the options”. The November tour comes a year on from the World Cup, but Antoine Dupont insists the Blues must build on their achievements. “I think we have to continue what we have been doing since the arrival of Fabian Galthié and his staff,” he said. Of course, you have to question yourself, but I don’t think you have to revolutionize everything this year. I think we have to be patient, as we continue to evolve and grow together, the deadline will come eventually. On the road to the World Cup, the Habs will above all want to maintain this hunger for success for several months. “To win, it gave us confidence and the will to win again, Antoine Dupont assured. When you start to reach the highest level, the hardest thing is to stay there. I think the desire and the craving that we have is even greater. Now, to translate it to the ground. It will be up to them to prove that against the youngsters this Saturday.

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