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Walt Disney World: Snow White fired over social media post

Walt Disney World: Snow White fired over social media post

A Walt Disney World theme park employee in Florida who played Snow White has been fired for sharing photos of herself dressed as the princess on social media.

“Some things are just meant to happen,” Sofia Duterte, 21, posted on Instagram, where a month ago she shared a photo of herself as a little girl wearing a Snow White dress, and followed it up with photos of herself today playing the Walt Disney character. The world, according to the “Sud Info” website reported on Wednesday.

Except that after it was published, the young woman would have been met by her bosses, who would have informed her that she was now “under investigation for violating her online identity,” she said in a video posted on YouTube on April 5. .

“Last week was tough,” she began, recounting her version of the facts. It was nice [être renvoyée] “Because getting drunk in Epcot, or trying to fight Peter Pan or something, but no, I didn't do anything crazy.”

However, according to company policies, actors playing roles in the parks must not reveal who they are playing on social media because that would “spoil part of the magic” for children and visitors, French media reported.

Screenshot taken from Sofia Duterte's Instagram account

Instead, many employees say they are “friends” with certain characters to indicate they are playing them without ruining the magic online, noted Inside the Magic, a US news site dedicated to news surrounding the park.

Walt Disney World, contacted by several media outlets, would not comment on the situation.

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