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Euro Millions: A historic kitty of 230 million pockets in the United Kingdom

Euro Millions: A historic kitty of 230 million pockets in the United Kingdom

This is a huge amount! 230 million euros, the biggest prize pool ever in EuroMillions, has been pocketed by a UK resident – one of nine countries, including France, participating in the game. We still don’t know exactly which country has the exact numbers. Chosen: Française des jeux has not yet published any details on the winner’s profile. It is confirmed that the winner chose the numbers 6, 23, 27, 40, 41 and stars 2 and 12 to win the Grail.

Having not won on Friday 8th July, Tuesday 12th and then Friday 15th, it is the fourth time in as many days that he has been bowled. There was only one last chance to win, before the organizing company did not go to the draw for a lower rank (author’s note: by removing a number in each new stake), thereby reducing the amount of winnings.

The number makes you dream: it equals Brazilian football player Neymar – Anyway, when PSG bought it in 2017 it was worth – another 10 million euros, or two Airbus A320s and enough to fuel them for days, or 30 tons of beluga imperial caviar, the most expensive in the world, or 230 million baguettes. But not enough to buy the world’s most luxurious Assam yacht, owned by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE and Emir of Abu Dhabi. Its value is estimated at 460 to 600 million euros!

The last record jackpot was €220 million and was won by a Tahitian last October. Unusual detail: It was… her first time playing! For this great first thing, she decided to leave things to chance by choosing her numbers through a “flash” system that dials instead of the player. Note that la Française des jeux usually arranges for big winners Financial Management WorkshopsDirected by an independent consultant who gives happy new millionaires the “keys” to managing this windfall – understanding of financial products, jargon, various service providers…

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