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François Trinh-Duc: "We love cultural adventures like Japan or Australia"

François Trinh-Duc: “We love cultural adventures like Japan or Australia”

Franசois Trin-Doug returned to Montpellier. For one of the last games of his career, the current Bordeaux player returns to his former club on Sunday (9:05 pm, 23rd day). He expressed hope at this meeting. Meet.

A small nostalgia will live on in the hearts of Montpellier supporters on Sunday evening. Within eighty minutes, the three glories of MHR will be seen together on the lawn of GGL Stadium: Fulgence OuedraogoEternal Montpellier resident and his two friends Francois Trin-Duck And Louis Bigamols This is the final challenge with the Bordeaux jersey this season. A good blink of an eye in a match that promises to be decisive for the first two places.

Meanwhile, François returns to Trinh-Duc Montpellier. His city, his area. Before hanging his crotch within two months, the international fly-half (35 years old, 66 hats) talked about his career, his latest challenge and future. The future has already been drawn up since last year when he was director of the Engineering and Advisory Board in fields such as health and information technology. Maintenance.

Francois, how would you feel if you knew you were playing in your last professional season?

I definitely feel so much better. I enjoy playing regularly. I still enjoy playing. I make the most of these last moments. Knowing that this is the last allows me to get this energy, this joy, this hunger. I did not regret my choice at all. I am satisfied.

Do you enjoy each meeting differently?

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I live my last moments as a rugby player. I am also quiet because I know what I am going to do next and where I will be with my family. Brings peace too. It’s really a bonus, every moment, off and on the pitch. Very few matches remain. My mindset is to enjoy, to rejoice, to rejoice.

Basically, we wanted a cultural experience in another country. We went to Japan or Australia

Did you expect to play so much (21 matches in all)?

When there are only two of us at the station, of course. Had to be without Matthew (Jollybert) in international times. I never asked myself any questions. I was ready.

Was it a coincidence that Louis played with Bigamols last season?

It’s a will. We have had this idea in mind since he left Montpellier. Basically, we wanted a cultural experience in another country. We went to Japan or Australia. But Govt messed things up. We were still able to do this at Bordeaux last year. It brings back good memories and ends in a good note. The aim was to bring our experience, play on the table, qualify and go all the way. We did not come to replay one season for another.

On Sunday, the lawn will be Trinh-Duc-Ouedraogo-Picamoles. Can you talk about beautiful eye blink?

We started together and ended together. For the French team we are always more or less following each other. There we meet again. We first played against each other, and Fufu and I played against Louis in the Big-Saint-Loop at Montpellier… This is a great story.

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Incidentally, you find yourself in Montpellier for an important match …

The good thing is, it still ranks first against the second match, and we are still excited and eager to win the match. Finishing in Montpellier is a nice blink of an eye. When the calendar came out, I first saw when the last lawn of this field could be trampled.

Is it always special to be back here?

The environment, the post-match environment … this is always special to me. I was born in this region and I am very attached. I always feel better when I return to Montpellier.

I would rather leave the pro world than stay there. In range, I like to exchange as much as I do with young people right now

Have you ever had the opportunity to come back to MHR?

Debates took place but no. I actually met Vern Cotter, without follow-up.

Are you still a little angry following the terms of your departure from Montpellier in 2016?

not at all. I decided to leave Montpellier. I consider the consequences. The selection of leaders at that time meant that I did not play in the last game. Subsequently, water flowed under the bridge.

Can you see yourself in an employee one day?

Not for now. I would rather leave the pro world than stay there. In range, I like to exchange as much as I do with young people right now. Rugby has taken a lot of place in my life so far. I want to be tested and motivated differently.