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Opposite Skylight – Australia – A-League Men 2023/24: Final Places

Opposite Skylight – Australia – A-League Men 2023/24: Final Places

Although Wellington have slowed down and the Mariners are stuck in Kyrgyzstan, there is only one place left for the play-offs. Adelaide United will not disappoint again.

Victory was inevitable, Adelaide United was missed. in front Western UnitedFor the thirteenth day late match, The Red Dropped the point (3-3) that buried their hopes of playing in the play-offs. A fault lies in substandard defensive behavior. ” We will do what we think is best for the club going forward », Carl Wert explained after the meeting. Because after thirty-three minutes of play, Western United, who played for nothing but honor, made the score 2-0 after two big defensive errors, first a terrible throw by James Deliano and then a marking error from a corner. Hiroshi Ibuzuki (45+7e Penalty, 57e) and then Nestori Irangunda (62e) momentarily regained hope of leaving with three points midway through the second act, but Connor O'Toole equalized completely at the far post in stoppage time. For Carl Weird, who will not qualify for the playoffs for the first time since 2021, the weak point “ Guardians at the end of the contract » To explain overly relaxed behavior. So this should change in Adelaide in the off-season.

The weekend poster objected Western Sydney Wanderers And City of MelbourneAny loss would compromise the chances of qualifying for the first final Play-offs. Out came the red and black City dwellers They found themselves trailing by two goals at half time. Of course the Wanderers responded, cutting the gap twenty minutes from the end, much to the consternation of Aurelio Widmer, who told his team ” Found a way to press for most of the second half ”, but that was not enough. As a result, City of Melbourne Sixth place was snatched before the final day to watch City dwellers to welcome Western United.

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At this time, Melbourne win And Brisbane Roar Solo (0-0) in a goalless draw. Reduced to ten against eleven after the second half following the dismissal of Jason Jeria, the four-time Australian champions suffered greatly but did not sink. Like last week, The Roar Despite this, he failed to open the scoring and scored in forty-four shots without hitting the net. Melbourne win Picking up just one point in two outings, MacArthur Close to within a point after nine-eleven wins Sydney F.C. The stakes are high, and third place offers sixth place as an opponent Elimination Finals. Defeated at home by Western United, Perth Glory Now confirmed dead last for the season, his only consolation is that Adam Taggart is currently top scorer. A-League With nineteen accomplishments.

Finally, the meeting between Central Coast Marines And Adelaide United Adjourned to 1R May saw them for the first time since their return from KyrgyzstanAFC Cup Delayed due to weather. A historical match, The Marines A comfortable home win against Bishkek brought the draw before the draw Abdisha-ada It was the first continental final for an Australian club since the coronation Wanderers In ACL 2013, a feat that occurred in a difficult environment, Colombian striker Angel Torres, the club's top scorer, was suspended from all sporting activities by the Australian Federation (FA) for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman.

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Antoine Blanchett-Quérin

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