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“Joe taxes him. Biden wants 45% tax on “gains” in America, explanation in 2 pictures, because it will be the same in France!”.  Edited by Charles Channott

“Joe taxes him. Biden wants 45% tax on “gains” in America, explanation in 2 pictures, because it will be the same in France!”. Edited by Charles Channott

My dear improbables

The outgoing US president, who wants to return to the White House despite his age and very poor health, has indicated that he wants to significantly increase taxes on capital gains.

Joe Biden, Averell's uncle of the Elysee Palace, Uncle Joe is nothing more than a thug like the rest, it has to be said.

We should not blame them.

The problem is the same on each side of the Atlantic.

Take a look at the graph below, which shows the cost of debt in the US.

Over 1,100 billion in interest on loans alone. This is the amount that Uncle Joe needs to find to keep the system running.

When we need a lot of money to pay interest on debt, we legally rob those who earn and/or put it away, which is why Biden isn't proposing all about saving and cutting money. A state's spending, which has gone crazy in America, too.


Uncle Joe was no ordinary Dalton. He would rob American savers like his brother French Averell.

As you can see from this graph, the capital gains tax rate in the US has never been this high since the US tax system existed. not at all.

Well, it's not done because Tax Joe hasn't been re-elected yet, but there are tax promises that are easier to keep than tax cut promises.

Do not make fun of American Dalton, ours and France are leading in taxes, duties, and other financial avarice, which lead to universal and general poverty in our country, which is utterly and utterly suffocating. We too have increased fees, our stars in the Ministries are looking for new money, and Matignon is happy from the crèche, the little one is looking for money everywhere, and we anxiously await the results of his work … the annual taxation!

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Look at what Joe does and you have your first idea of ​​what Mattignon's little guy is up to. Those who want to start thinking about how to protect themselves from inevitable government coercion can subscribe to the STRATEGIES newsletter and read my latest report (all info here). His title? “France is headed for bankruptcy, but first, your savings will be sacrificed”… we're going straight there, it's inevitable and presupposes misery.

It's already late, but all is not lost.

Brace yourselves!

Charles Channott

“Insolentiae” means “impossible” in Latin.
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“By wanting to suppress peaceful revolutions, we make violent revolutions inevitable” (JFK).

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