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Book promoting Vietnamese learning published in Australia | Culture-game

A book promoting the learning of the Vietnamese language is being published in Australia hinh anh 1Image: Internet

Sydney (VNA) – Des Linguistics Charles Sturt University (Australia) has published a book to provide home-based Vietnamese teaching methods for Vietnamese families living in Australia.

The book, entitled ‘VietSpeech Multilingual Children’, is the result of a research project on the pronunciation and language skills of Vietnamese children in Australia, with funding from the Australian Research Council. It is published and available in electronic form Free On the line.

The book covers topics such as the benefits of mother tongue protection and multilingualism, ways to help children speak Vietnamese better, knowledge of the process and stages of language development, children’s pronunciation and communication, letters and consonants in Vietnamese and English, and Vietnamese accents. ..

Associate Editor Dr. According to Tran Hong Won, this is a guide that provides parents with all the information they need to help their children retain the Vietnamese language and develop bilingual communication.

Professor Shareen McLeod, another co-author, said mother tongues are at risk of disappearing within three generations of immigrant families. According to the professor, it is time for the Vietnamese community in Australia to maintain the mother tongue for the younger generation.

Vietnamese are part of the group of 5 most widely spoken languages ​​in Australia, with a population of over 300,000 or 1.26%.

The authors hope that the book will be popular not only in Australia but also in other Vietnamese countries, such as Canada and the United States. -VNA