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Ukraine: Two dead in territories occupied by Moscow and Russia

Ukraine: Two dead in territories occupied by Moscow and Russia

Two people were killed and two others were injured, today, Friday, in Ukrainian bombings in the territories occupied by Moscow and on Russian territory, according to the relevant local authorities.

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The municipal administration of Lysychansk, a large city under Russian control located on the border with Novodroghsk, said on the Telegram application: “The bombing of the city of Novodroghsk (…) caused damage to private homes and apartments.”

The source added, “A man died from his wounds, and two other men were injured by shrapnel.”

The city of Novodrogsk had a population of about 8,000 people before the conflict and is located on the front line in the Lugansk region, which is almost entirely under Moscow's control in western Ukraine.

In response to several deadly Russian strikes in Ukraine, Ukrainian forces have promised in recent months to take the fighting to Russian territory, particularly targeting the back lines of Russian forces' logistics.

“One resident was killed” on Friday in a Ukrainian raid on a small town in Russia's Kursk region near the common border, regional governor Roman Starovoit said on the Telegram app.

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