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Espace du Parvis becomes Parc des Pékans

Espace du Parvis becomes Parc des Pékans

It's official now: The small public square at the corner of du Parvis and De La Salle streets will finally get its permanent name. Until now known as Espace du Parvis, this spring it will be called Parc des Pékans.

Just under a year after the concept of a planned permanent development of the site where a parking lot once stood was unveiled, the name Parc des Pékans has finally been chosen by the Commission of Remembrance and Geographical Names of Quebec City.

This is what we can read in A Decision summary dated March 21, 2024.

In June 2023, attendees at a Saint-Roch Neighborhood Council meeting were able to come up with some suggestions for names for the park. Then, last November, the Geographical Names Committee revealed that they had been charmed by the name Pierce Bittom Park.

However, the neighborhood residents felt that they should be more involved in choosing the name, as the initiative behind this park stems from citizen mobilization.

Therefore, interested people were able to submit their proposals in an online form, which was available until February 15.

Children vote

On February 3, the committee responsible for recreational activities in the current Parviz Square wanted to consult the first interested people: the children of the neighborhood.

Therefore, a polling station (or rather a voting castle) was created to give children the opportunity to participate in democratic practice.

Three name choices were listed on the ballot: Neighborhood Square, Parc Pekan, and Courtyard (or Backyard). It was also possible for them to go there on their own suggestion.

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The name “Carré des Pékans” was finally retained after the ballot boxes were counted. About forty children participated in the process, suggesting names or voting.

“It was almost unanimous, and I think we had three votes for something else,” Annie Mathieu recalls.

She has been involved since the beginnings of Espace du Parvis, alongside Vicki Plourde.

Voting Castle used to get kids to vote for their favorite name.
Image source: Courtesy of Jocelyn Rendeaux (taken from the Espace du Parvis Facebook group)

Final choice

A few months later, the name “Parc des Pékans” was finally chosen by Quebec City.

“The public element ‘park’ was retained by the committee members, as it is consistent with the nature of the place and the classification of municipal public spaces,” the decision-making summary specifies.

In addition to the name “Pékans Park”, members of the Committee of Remembrance and Geographical Names studied three other proposals, resulting from citizens' suggestions: Pers Bétoumi Park, Parvis Park, and Ajaric Park.

Elected officials in the Cité-Limoilou region finally decided in favor of the Parc des Pékans.

What is a fisherman?

For those who are not familiar with Canadian wildlife, the kingfisher can be compared to the North American marten. These mammals, which can measure between 75 and 110 cm in length as adults, have a dark brown, almost black, coat. Its color, as well as its pointed tail, distinguishes it from the American marten.

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The hunter is sometimes called the “devil of the jungle.”

Furthermore, the sports teams at Burgess School, which receives many children from the Saint-Roch area, are called Pecans. This choice would also reflect the youth's “establishment in their neighbourhood.”

The word pecan dates back to the beginning of the 17th century and is of Algonquin origin.

The huntsman belongs to the mustelidae family, like the weasel or marten.
Image source: Fisher (free image from Animalia)

Pride and sense of belonging

After Annie Mathieu learned of the decision of the author of these lines, she was happy with the decision.

She believes that children will be able to develop a sense of belonging to the Saint-Roch area.

“These children are very proud to be part of a sports team. There, we tangibly install them in the neighborhood. What we really want is for them to make it their own,” emphasizes Ms. Mathieu.

The sense of belonging to the neighborhood is also present in the words of Eric Fournier, who coaches Pekan teams at the Burgess School.

“It makes me very happy. In addition, it is citizen participation. It was the students who voted for it. It really is.” Hazar. “It is a sign that students are connected to their school, through the activities we offer them at school, and that they are finding something good there,” he adds.

Mr. Fournier is happy about that, too Monsentruch Addressing this theme, “children will see that they have an impact on the civic actions of their neighborhood.”

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Furthermore, this remains to be confirmed, but Annie Mathieu adds that she would like children in Pekan teams to be able to come to City Hall during the municipal council meeting on May 7. At this time the decision will be officially approved.

The idea behind this is to “congratulate them on the democratic process” they have participated in, as well as to promote building bridges with the city for years to come.

Clean-up mission and party this Saturday

This Saturday, Espace du Parvis (or Parc des Pékans) will be at the heart of the clean-up mission, from 10:30 am.

Hot dogs, petanque, music and other sporting activities should also be on the menu for those wishing to participate.

Facebook event Saturday is crazy It was created for this occasion.

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