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Humor’s “Boys Club” strikes again

Humor’s “Boys Club” strikes again

On the August 13 ComediHa! Presented by Michel Courtemanche. The guests announced are Stéphane Raymond, Alain Choquet, Claude Legault, Alexandre Besillon, Real Biland, Didier Lucien, David Bocage, Marc Dupree, Christophe Dupree, Mario Jean, Colin Baudrias and Martin Petit.

Isn’t there something wrong? It seems clear to me.

Why are there no women among these names? Did anyone in the organization notice?

I was reading in 24 hours Words by Amna Ashour, a comedian who is part of the group of women behind the Instagram page @pasdefillsurlepacing: “ComediHa! It is the second largest festival [d’humour] in Quebec, and he’s really the only one to get in on the festivities this year […]Without embarrassment, they make Lined up With 12 men and 0 women.”

I totally agree with her when she talks about finding this situation unacceptable in 2023.

There is still a lot of work to do

I know this, I have been close to the world of humor for many years: even if things are getting better little by little, there is still a lot of work to be done in the world of humor for female comedians to be included in their gallery value.

The comic on August 13th is a good reminder of this. I honestly thought an organization of this size would have realized this for a long time.

This kind of attitude is detrimental to our collective rise toward a society in which women have the same opportunities to radiate humor as men.

And to all those who think that it is difficult to find comedians of high caliber in Quebec, I invite you to pay more attention to the young female comedians of this environment.

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All the funny little girls in Quebec deserve to feel that the dream of becoming great comedians doing galas is as accessible to them as it is to the little ones.

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