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Passing through Alma, Michel Barrett brings the pub back to life on the 25th

Passing through Alma, Michel Barrett brings the pub back to life on the 25th

On Sunday evening, at his alma mater, Michel Barrett will present what he announced on his latest run: The humor of my life. The comedian will take advantage of this visit to the city of hospitality to bring Bar le 25 back to life for a few hours.

Michel Barrett will take the stage at 8:30pm at Place Festivalma before moving to the Café du Clocher around 10:30pm. He invites previous clients to join him in the downtown business.

Yes, it will be sentimental, that’s for sure. There, I don’t really realize it because I used to be on stage for 40 years. But tonight (Sunday), that’s when I realize it’s the end of what I call it Offers written. That this is the last time I will appear on stage with A.J Displays existing and the rest is improvisation […] I think I’ll catch somethingpointed out.

Le Bar le 25 means a lot to anyone celebrating their 40-year career. This is where it all began for Michelle Barrett. In addition to being a regular customer of the venue, he made his improvisation debut between the walls of the bar on Saint Joseph Street.

I had my best moments in my late teens and early twenties. Then, I thought to myself it would be nice to recreate the pub on the 25th one evening after my show at the Alma. The gang there immediately stepped up.

Samuel Gingras, manager at Café du Clocher, explains that the idea to revive memories of the legendary Alma Bar was born around a meal.

Michelle came to dinner. He was chatting with Maurice Villeneuve from a café. They brought back fond memories from the 25th. He told me, “After my show, we can have people relive the 25th for one night.”He says

Café du Clocher will be transformed into a bar for the occasion. Former customers of Bar le 25 will be able to hear the musical memories thanks to the DJ present at the time.

At least 300 people are expected to attend this fleeting event. A portion of Saint-Joseph Street will be closed to traffic.

Alma City heard that michael barrett was organizing a party With us. Made a lot of things happen. They decided to close the street so that people outside would be safe, there would be no danger, and we would be able to receive quite a few people safely.explains the manager.

We are so proud and happy that Michel asked us to organize this with him. This honorSam Gingras concludes.