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“The Magicians”: A short video that makes our mouths water

“The Magicians”: A short video that makes our mouths water

First photos from the new family drama witches who will replace separation This fall on the Monday evening schedule, on TVA, it shows a baby found in the middle of the night in the woods.

The annual series features actresses Celine Bonnier, Marie Joan Boucher, and Noemi O’Farrell, who portray three sisters who haven’t met in three decades. Joe, Pete, and Agnes grew up in the town their father founded in St. Pete Village. They still have this experience.

Marie Joan Boucher, Celine Bonnier and Noemi O’Farrell defended the main roles in the family drama “Witches”.

Image provided by TVA

“A startling discovery in their home village awakens many secrets and forces the three women to reconnect with their deeper natures and rediscover themselves,” said Amalga production company and Quebecor Content on Monday.

There is talk of a “dark plot” that will force them to search for the truth, and we are promised a series full of secrets and investigations with “tragic echoes”.

It’s an original idea by Celine Bonnier, Marie-Joan Boucher, Noémie O’Farrell and Germaine La Rochelle. The latter signs texts with Marie-José Ouellet, as well as collaborations with Marie-Chantal Bisson, Marie-Hélène Lapierre and David Leblanc. Directed by Ian Lagarde and Myriam Vireault.

In addition to the three main roles attributed to Céline Bonnier, Marie Joan Boucher, and Noemi O’Farrell, the series is based on the acting of Lamia Ben Houssin, Juliette Cottier, Patrick Drover, Alexa Jean Doby, Stéphane Gagnon, Remy Jollette, Marie-Claude Guérin, Jed Hassoun, Guillaume Lauren, Elisabeth Lucas, Denis Marchand, Christian Michaud, David Noel, Vidimir Normel, Igor Ovadis, Christophe Bauer and Julie Roussel.

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At the moment, TVA has not confirmed the broadcast schedule for witches But it is an open secret that the imagination will settle into the liberated time period escape Either Monday, at 8 p.m. Most of the big productions will start their season on September 11th.