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Honda plants in Ontario: Was the project greener in Quebec?

Honda plants in Ontario: Was the project greener in Quebec?

Honda's massive battery and electric vehicle assembly complex is scheduled to begin production in Ontario as early as 2028. Experts say these new plants — and the vehicles they will make — will burden the province's power grid, which may have to turn more polluting. energy sources for them.

Although the ontario government Doug Ford It says it is striving to increase renewables, but for now refuses to give up on natural gas, which was responsible for about 13 per cent of Ontario's electricity production last year.

Hydropower accounted for a quarter of this production (25%), while nuclear power accounted for more than half (53%).

For comparison, more than 94% of the electricity produced in Quebec comes from its hydroelectric dams. The rest comes from other renewable sources, such as wind and solar energy.

We are in a situation where Ontario's grid has become significantly less clean. We are seeing tremendous growth in the role of natural gas as a source of electricity in Ontariowatching Mark WinfieldProfessor of Environmental and Urban Change at York University.