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“Pub Royal” is played everywhere in Quebec: the Cowboys Fringants take control of the radio stations

“Pub Royal” is played everywhere in Quebec: the Cowboys Fringants take control of the radio stations

The Cowboys Fringants phenomenon succeeded in shaking the foundations of radio stations. On Thursday evening, networks Énergie, Rythme, Rouge, CKOI and Boom played the album Royal Tavern In its entirety, throughout Quebec. He had never seen anything like it before. And Newspaper I learned that the song is poignant End of the showin which Carl Tremblay sings about his inevitable mortality, would enter regular rotation on certain stations despite being over seven minutes long.

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It takes the Cowboys Fringants to change the habits of commercial radio. During the day on Thursday, several stations made the quick decision to change their evening programming to play the group's new album in full.

“I got a call at about 10 a.m. to see if I was available to host a private screening at 7 p.m.,” says Mike Gauthier of Énergie. During his 43-year career, the host stated that he had never seen Quebec radio stations play an album live from A to Z on the day of its release. “There have been live radio releases, but not the full album,” he says.

Cover of Cowboys Fringants' new album “Pub Royal”

Photo courtesy Pat Hamo

An exceptional decision

At Rythme, Tatiana Polevoy devoted the first hour of her show VJ generation To play Royal Tavern. “The reaction has been crazy,” she said. I have rarely experienced a moment like this. We don't understand the extent to which Cowboys Fringants touches the deepest parts of the world. I received hundreds of text messages. All very moving things.”

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“People were moved, moved and happy,” says Phil Branch, who for his part hosted a special screening at Rouge. Cowboy music can be listened to as a band or as a folk. And last night we were a bad gang.”

On Énergie et Rouge, the 19 stations affiliated with the two networks played one song per hour on Thursday, plus the full album in the evening. “This is an exceptional decision, linked to the group’s place in the hearts of our fans,” says musical director Vincent Garneau. In fact, Les Cowboys Fringants was unanimously appreciated by our listeners and we felt that was what they wanted to hear at that moment.

All added

The epic and touching song End of the show It was sent to over 200 radio stations in Quebec as a first excerpt, without an abbreviated version (commonly called a “radio edit”). Despite its long duration of 7 minutes and 16 seconds, Vincent Garneau emphasized that the piece was “entirely added to the regular cycles of” [leurs] Two networks (energy and red).”

At WKND, music director John Bedulla stated that the committee will meet next week to decide whether or not to put the song into rotation. “Yes, we find it long. But the text is exceptional: Les Cowboys Fringants. “It's very different.”