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A Year Natural: “I wore makeup because I felt an obligation as a woman,” says Vanessa Bailon.

A Year Natural: “I wore makeup because I felt an obligation as a woman,” says Vanessa Bailon.

“Why do you wear makeup, mom?” A simple question from her five-year-old daughter prompted Vanessa Bailon to ditch makeup and go natural for an entire year.

The broadcaster began the challenge at the beginning of the year by remaining 365 days without makeup, a move that received great encouragement on social media.

“If I really asked myself that question, I did it a little bit because I had to as a woman. “I realized it wasn't something I wanted to pass on to my daughter,” Vanessa Pilon explains in an interview with Quebec morning.

Through this simple challenge, she wants to denounce double standards, but also show the range of possibilities. This is not a revolution against makeup, but rather a reflection of the obligation some women may feel when wearing it.

“You get a lot of mixed messages when you're a woman. I've experienced that a lot on TV, being 'this' too, and not 'that' enough. It's fair to say, this is who I am, I was born with this face. Can I exist with this? Face? she wonders.

Vanessa Bellone notes that she has received many testimonials from women who were inspired by the challenge and also decided to question the importance of makeup in their lives.

“I have received many beautiful photos from women who are applying it more in their daily lives. I want normalization. I am looking forward to the day when we will no longer have to specify that we are without makeup in the photo,” she confirms.

Vanessa Pilon invites residents to participate in the Apprenticeship Fair, where she serves as a spokesperson. The action is in full swing this weekend at the Palais des Congrès in Montreal.

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