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Exclusively |  'I got a wake-up call': Manon Massey opens up about her health issues

Exclusively | 'I got a wake-up call': Manon Massey opens up about her health issues

Quebec Solidaire MP Manon Massé is slowly recovering from her third heart operation last March.

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In an exclusive interview with Paul LaRocque, the elected official, who will soon celebrate her 61st birthday, explained that she is still driven by the same passion for her work, but wants to listen more to her body.

“I've regained the energy to think about plunging quietly back into my life as an MP, but three operations in six months is certainly exhausting.”

It was the arrhythmia that prompted the politician to undergo three heart operations in less than a year.

“My heart wanted to race faster than I did,” says Manon Massey.

“There are many people who suffer from arrhythmia in life. There are those who live with it, but I was not able to because it took control of me.”

During the first two interventions, surgery was performed on each half of the chosen subject's heart, but she continued to have an arrhythmia. The third operation should, of course, allow Ms. Massey to sleep peacefully.

“I got a little frustrated at one point, and I thought to myself: ‘Cuckoo! Will it stop?” But here, I'm knocking on wood. Since then, she says, I've never had an arrhythmia again. “And that makes me think this time is the time.”

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A wake-up call

Manon Massey admits that she returned to work very quickly during her first two operations. She was very tired and struggled to sleep at night.

“When I think about it, I take it lightly. I didn't listen to my doctor's good advice,” says the St. Mary-Saint-Jacques member.

This time, she intends to take her time and follow her doctor's recommendations.

Since his intervention in March, the former Quebec Solidaire spokesman has disconnected from current events and technology to go and rest “in the woods.”

This connection with nature allowed him to reconnect with his spirituality.

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“For a long time, like many people, I thought I was invincible, and then life called me to order and said: ‘No, Manon, like everything on earth, there will be an end for you.’ I want it to be as far away as possible.

After this break, Ms. Massey wants to slow down her life in the long term.

“I got a wake-up call and an electric shock and she said, ‘Listen, Manon, relax!’” she said.

“I've always driven my car at 200mph, and I think that, especially since I became an MP, I haven't found a healthy life balance between my personal life, my work life and my commitment,” the politician adds.

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Retirement time?

The 60-year-old MP admits that the incident forced her to think about her political future. In the short term, she expects a gradual return.

“I have to learn to work differently. This is my big personal challenge.”

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However, Manon Massey does not see herself leaving the political arena any time soon.

“I never thought I would retire at 65,” she says.

As for the upcoming regional elections, the elected official from Quebec Solidaire does not want to make hasty decisions, even if the desire to continue her political work is still strong.

“I still intend to run again, but certainly now I know I'm not invincible. So what's left? Two and a half years? We'll ask the question again when we get there, but my goal is always the same.

“I don't give up,” she adds.

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