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Trump impeachment: After scandals, email addresses and shell companies |  Donald Trump faces justice

Trump impeachment: After scandals, email addresses and shell companies | Donald Trump faces justice

Ending a first witness appearance with shocking revelations, Donald Trump's criminal trial continued Friday in New York with two less dramatic testimony, essentially introducing certain documents into evidence.

Prosecutors called to the stand Rhona Graf, who had been cooperating with the defendant for nearly thirty years.

The American media described her as the one who controlled access to Donald Trump, and was managing his phone calls, agenda, and meetings.

Three witnesses appeared, including one who spent four days there: the former head of the National Enquirer, David Pecker. He revealed how he bought exclusive rights to stories that could have been damaging to Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign to avoid being made public.

His short testimony, lasting less than thirty minutes, allowed prosecutors to introduce certain documents into evidence in court.

Thus Ms. Graf realized that the contact details for windy Daniels and Karen McDougal – two alleged mistresses of Donald Trump – were among the communications recorded in the FBI's computerized system. Trump Organization.

If the file with the first name of windy It has only one mobile phone number, but Ms. McDougall's number contains several addresses and phone numbers.

Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, and Karen McDougal were each paid more than $100,000 to remain silent; The first by Mr. Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen, and the second by American Media Inc.'s press group. (AMI).

Although the fraud charges against Donald Trump are not directly related to these payments, the two women are at the heart of the narrative of prosecutors, who say the politician sparked a “criminal scheme to corrupt the election.”

Rhona Graf also acknowledged the existence of Fuzzy memory Stormy Daniels in waiting room 26H The floor of the Trump TowerWhere Donald Trump's office is located.

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Donald Trump's lawyer, Susan Nicholls, later asked him if Stormy Daniels was present to discuss her possible participation in the reality show. Celebrity Apprenticehosted by Donald Trump.

That's what was said in hallway discussions, yesShe replied.

She also admitted that her boss never communicated via email. This is a way for prosecutors to explain to jurors why defendants did not leave a written record confirming their claims of election interference.

Mr. Neechlis then explained that prosecutors had issued a subpoena to Ms. Graf. You don't want to be here?She asked him. A loyal ally of Donald Trump agreed: exactlyDid she say?

Mrs. Graf, who left Trump Organization In 2021 when she took on the title of vice president, she noted that the company was covering her legal fees. However, this practice is not unusual when employees are involved in work-related disputes.

Shell companies created by Michael Cohen are in the spotlight

Michael Cohen exits the building.

Donald Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen (archive photo)

Photo: Getty Images/Drew Angerer

At the end of the day, prosecutors called a third witness to the stand, Gary Farrow, a former banker First RepublicIt is an American bank whose clients are wealthy individuals.

The prosecution is using his testimony, which will continue next week, to corroborate documents presented to the court.

Mr. Farrow reported on the communications surrounding Michael Cohen's efforts to open accounts for two limited liability companies (SARLs), i.e. two shell companies.

According to prosecutors, these companies were intended to make secret payments linked to the silence of the two alleged mistresses.

Mr. Farrow said Mr. Cohen's first phone call to the initial shell company, Solution Consultants LLC, was made on October 11, 2016. According to prosecutors, SARL It was opened specifically so that Michael Cohen could buy from the collection friend Exclusive rights to Donald Trump's Karen McDougal story.

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However, the deal was canceled at the request of the CEOfriendDavid Baker, fearing legal repercussions, according to his statements in court this week.

On October 26, Michael Cohen informed Mr. Farrow that he no longer wanted the former SARL, but instead wanted to open a new account for a company called Essential Consultants LLC. According to prosecutors, through this company $130,000 was paid to Stormy Daniels.

Every time Michael Cohen spoke to me, he gave me an impression of urgency, and that was the case this time as well.

Quote from Gary Farrow, former First Republic banker

Michael Cohen, who is expected to testify during the trial, claims that he acted on Donald Trump's instructions.

He claims that he was compensated and rewarded by Donald Trump, in several payments that were falsely declared as fees, in the amount of a total of US$420,000 between February and December 2017.

The end of the former Grand Chief's testimony National Enquirer

Illustration showing witness David Pecker, being questioned by lawyer Emile Bove as Judge Juan Merchan and Donald Trump watch.

Defense lawyer Emile Bove led the questioning of David Pecker during the criminal trial of former US President Donald Trump.

Photo: Reuters/Jane Rosenberg

However, most of the day was devoted to the first witness, the former defendant.CEO From the American Media Inc. press kit. (AMI) David Pecker, an old friend of Donald Trump.

During the second day of questioning, the defense raised some inconsistencies in the answers Mr. Baker gave to prosecutors, questioning his credibility or at least his memory.

Donald Trump's lawyer, Emile Bove, specifically returned to statements made by the witness the previous day regarding a meeting in Trump Tower In January 2017, after the Republicans won.

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Thursday after he admitted to buying the silence of “Playmate” Karen McDougallHe told prosecutors that Donald Trump thanked him for his help during that meeting.

However, the lawyer stressed on Friday the conclusion that… FBI In 2018, he held a meeting with David Pecker, which stated that Donald Trump had not done that He did not express his gratitude to Baker or [au groupe] friend During this meeting.

David Becker suggested there was an error in the document FBI.

I know what I said yesterday happened. I know where the truth is.

Quote from David Baker, former CEO tofriend

Earlier this week, Mr. Pecker detailed a scheme to help Donald Trump get elected in 2016. According to him, the plan developed with Mr. Trump was to pay sources with information unfavorable to him so that they would not publish their stories.

The defense on Thursday also tried to normalize the practice of buying information that the press mogul has laid bare in recent days. Mr. Baker thus noted that he had nipped in the bud compromising stories targeting other celebrities or politicians through pay sources.

During re-examination, a move that allows prosecutors to return to some of the questions raised by the defense, David Baker made clear Friday that he had never paid anywhere near $150,000 to cover up a story.

He also agreed that publishing his testimony would have been an issue for the tabloid Of gold Which would have exploded its sales. He reiterated that this would have hurt Donald Trump's election chances.

His appearance lasted about ten hours, divided over four days.

With information from The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, CBS News and NBC