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Do you really like Yvonne Deschamps?  |  Montreal Journal

Do you really like Yvonne Deschamps? | Montreal Journal

It’s a paradox: in the year 2023, comedians continue to cite Yvonne Deschamps as a model.

However, the era was not so young by Yvonne Deschamps.

Provocation, second degree, the fact of playing a character that says the opposite of what we think, in short, everything that characterizes Deschamps is outdated, condemned, denounced and misunderstood today.

In the year 2023, we live in the era of anti-dishan!

So why do comedians keep claiming it?


in pages Newspaper, A few days ago, my colleague Cedric Bellanger interviewed comedian Laurent Paquin (whom I adore).

Paquin answered the question “Which comedian inspires you the most and why?” I think I was very influenced by him. It’s kind of like getting to it. The trap will be the desire to do Deschain. Only Yvonne works for Deschamps, but we can take inspiration from his righteousness, kindness, and sense of provocation.”

And I’m sure the vast majority of comedians on stage today would say the same.

However, the Deschamps brand ran counter to the values ​​of the time.

In 2019, Guy Nantel did the song “Fox Pop” asking the audience “Are Comedians Going Too Far?”.

Nantell tricked the participants into reading jokes he attributed to Mike Ward, Jean-François Mercier, or Mariana Mazza, back when the jokes were written and performed on stage by Yvonne Deschamps in the 1970s and 1980s. “racist,” “anti-Semitic,” “unacceptable,” “cheap shot,” “ugly.”

People replied: “The current comedians should take Yvonne Deschamps as an example.” And when they learned that the gags in question were by Yvonne Deschamps, they didn’t believe it.

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“If Yvonne Deschamps is the greatest monument in our humor-filled history, it’s because he was able to push the boundaries of humor at the time,” said Guy Nantle on Fox Pop.

Here is one of Yvonne Deschamps’ gags that Nantel read to the beleaguered people:

“The doctor told me that my daughter is mental. I said to my daughter: “Listen to me, fat, over there, my father knows that you are ugly and that you are thick. But you must be happy. Dressed like you, you couldn’t be worse. You can get better.”

By the time Deschamps was making that joke, the people in the room understood second rate. In 2019, and even worse in 2023, people have lost their sense of second class.

And not only viewers, but critics too! Remember, earlier this year, Critic duty Who didn’t understand that when Guy Nantel said we should get rid of the seniors, this was second rate. duty Nantel was accused of old age, dammit!

This summer, during the final Just for Laughs Gala, every sense of humor gathered around Yvonne Deschamps. However, Guy Nantel lost.

However, if there’s a comedian doing Deschamps in 2023, it’s him!


It’s great to praise Deschamps. But the best way to honor him is to make more space for “the Deschamps method” in our humours.