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Frustrated by her loss in a violent showdown, Lacey Evans sparks change

Frustrated by her loss in a violent showdown, Lacey Evans sparks change

She gave us last night’s episode of The Blue Show Six Pack Challenge To determine the next contender for the SmackDown Championship, held by Ronda Rousey. Schutzi emerged victorious from the clash by pinning Lacey Evans. Another disappointment for the latter, for which 2022 was not entirely rosy.

She had to be absent during 2021 due to pregnancy. After more than a year of absence, the American has reappeared on SmackDown via a series of vignettes. Then it was quickly drafted into RAW. A clip in the red show has been short-lived since thenShe was transferred back to Smackdown just a few weeks later. She will qualify for the Woman’s Money in the Bank match but will fail to get the bag back. She wrestled last September in a fatal five-way playoff match that she lost before losing again last night.

More than a bleak historyAnd the But Evans is determined to turn the tide And he made us feel it yesterday in our post-match interview (which you can watch at the top of the article):

“I’ve always done whatever it takes to get chances. Sparkle, sparkle…but it never worked. All because I’m so used to the comfort that this style of clothing gives me. To be honest with you, I stopped being myself to please people.. . It’s time to get back to basics.

Should we expect to fight Lacey Evans in the coming weeks?

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