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“Melody of Happiness” in Quebec: thanks to Monique Baguy and Clara Martel Laroche

“Melody of Happiness” in Quebec: thanks to Monique Baguy and Clara Martel Laroche

Clara Martel Laroche and Monique Paget came to the rescue with their votes Thursday for the film’s media premiere melody of happiness In Quebec, while seated spectators at the Salle Albert-Rousseau were treated to actors who did not seem quite engaged in their dialogues.

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Perhaps it was the French accent that we adopted because of the European context in which the play took place, but even actor Eric Paulhus, who has figured in some forty productions, didn’t look entirely natural in the role of Captain von Trapp. If her voice resonates in such an irreplaceable way, one can only notice that her colleagues on stage carry, like them, many notes in their arsenal.

This remake of the 1959 classic follows a young woman devoted to a godly life who finds herself in charge of a brood of seven children to a strict captain. However, many will remember the 1965 film adaptation, starring Julie Andrews.

Clara Martell-Laroche, who played Maria, the new governess of the von Trapp family, and Monique Baggée, who played her mother Abyssin, gave outstanding performances, showing how worthy of a great opera their voices are.

Monique Paget gave an opera lesson to the roommates.

Photo by Alexander Caputo

Well furnished theater…without furniture

As announced by Gregory Charles, Director melody of happiness, while visiting the media backstage at the play; The only physical decor item was a small single bed that was installed on the stage for the performance. However, the quality of the images that make up the wallpaper was unmistakable. Combining watercolor style with the realism of European architecture on the stage’s moving canvases, both the von Trapp estate and the other locations where the musical was set were absolutely beautiful.

Despite the seemingly simple décor, the cast managed to occupy the boards in a beautiful way, courtesy of the seven children of the Von Trapp family.

The eldest actress in the family, played by Audrey Louise Beausejour, deserves a bigger place in this production. The person known to the general public star Academy He showed his remarkable singing talent in the first act, but unfortunately his appearances were limited after the second curtain was raised.

My Favorites

folk song My Favorites, Addressed in French for the occasion, it was wonderfully performed. However, in the fourth revival, even before the bell announces the intermission, one can wonder if the musical repertoire of the piece could not have been more varied.

global adversaries?

Gregory Charles announced that he wanted to take a timeless look at the story’s antagonists, who are, in the original version, Nazi officers. However, the changes made were minimal, with black and red dominating the punks’ costumes and the iconic swastika being replaced by a more faded-than-similar version.

Clara Martel Laroche was brilliant in her role as Maria.

Photo by Alexander Caputo

However, the support of the spectators proved that Gregory Charles and his team lived up to this classic in spite of everything, they were entitled to a standing ovation at the end of the curtain.