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We must not delay the mandate of Caisse Infra, warns Bruno Marchand

We must not delay the mandate of Caisse Infra, warns Bruno Marchand

Bruno cautioned that waiting for updated data from the origin-destination survey should not delay the mandate of the CQDP Infra, which is responsible for determining the best structuring of Quebec's transportation network. Marchand.

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“It would be perfect [d’avoir des données actualisées]But I don't know if they will be able to do that. Data will be published late. “I'm not sure they have it,” Quebec's mayor said Friday in an impromptu news release.

According to him, “It's definitely an input. But if that's an opening to delay us, it's not a good idea. It is up to the government to know when it will get this data […] “It shouldn't delay us.”

Tight deadline

The preliminary schedule published on the CDPQ Infra website divides the work into several stages. It is scheduled between December 2023 and March 2004 to identify mobility needs and identify potential routes and solutions.

This includes taking into account studies conducted, through discussions with stakeholders and through analysis of technologies and types of integration.

The drafting phase of the “Solutions Report” should begin in April and is scheduled to be submitted to the CAQ government in June (before Saint Jean-Baptiste Day, according to our information).

Ministerial opening

For her part, Emily Lord, spokeswoman for the Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, confirmed on Friday that “the data received from the 2023 Origin and Destination Survey” [attendues pour 2025] They will be sent to CDPQ-Infra when they become available, if they wish to receive them.

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Emphasizing that it is “in constant discussion with CDPQ-Infra,” MTMD added that it will provide “all available data necessary to implement the mandate.” The data currently held by the Ministry and shared with CDPQ-Infra is the most relevant, reliable and representative of the current context, including the latest demand forecasts that take into account the impact of remote working.

According to the meeting report published on Friday Newspaper, A Caisse Infra director expressed his interest in obtaining “preliminary results” from the 2023 origin and destination (EOD) survey. The last known results date back to 2017 and were published in 2019.

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