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Unpaid rents: Their renter lists their place on Airbnb for $720 a night.

Unpaid rents: Their renter lists their place on Airbnb for $720 a night.

A French pensioner was scammed by a tenant who refused to pay rent and sublet the apartment on Airbnb several times.

Claire decided to put up her furnished apartment for rent last May to pay for her husband’s senior living, Acto Paris reports. “In order to avoid a lot of restrictions, I contacted a real estate agency,” she told local media.

Soon, she received a “model” file for a young tenant. According to forged documents provided to the agency, the man was earning 7,000 euros ($10,300 Canadian) a month, and deceived everyone with the truth.

About two weeks after the new tenant moved in, things started to go sour.

“He told me on the phone that the apartment had a lot of flaws. However, he told me that his father and brother have companies that can run the business,” Claire told French media.

However, the tenant’s father is none other than con-man Samy Brame, better known as Samy la Weasel, who is admitted to renting unsanitary housing at astronomical prices.

Although she was unaware of Sami Bramy’s past, Claire sensed something fishy. ‘They put a giant TV on the wall and the new sofa bed I had was replaced with a lower quality one,’ she recalls.

Case takes a disproportionate step when Claire learns that instead of living in the residence, a tenant she works for has been subletting her on Airbnb for €490 ($721 CAD) per night. According to the platform, the man was also running four other ads.

After the apartment owner pulled the multiple ads from various platforms, such as Airbnb and vrbo, he attacked the erring tenant by refusing to pay their rent.

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With two months of unpaid rent, Claire had to change her husband’s place of residence, as she could no longer afford to pay where he was. “He is no longer in Ile-de-France, allowing him to be close to me. I am so helpless, so upset and so angry,” she said.

With a long legal process, the situation is not in the best interest of the pensioners, as confirmed by her lawyer Mai Aurelia Morecini.

We will send formal notice of the parcel, but there will be winter holidays. real estate agency said.