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Mr. Legault wants to change what's wrong with Quebec…

Mr. Legault wants to change what's wrong with Quebec…

Let's talk about the fate of disabled people.

When they reach age 65, they receive a letter from the government informing them that their pension will be reduced.

In fact, the government imposes a penalty on them because it considers these disabled workers to be eligible for early retirement at the age of sixty.

Since when do we choose to be disabled?

This punishment is unfair and discriminatory!

Without a job, how can you retire early?

Will the State of Quebec modify the meaning of the word invalid as it pleases?

In 2020, Sir Richard McLean, himself disabled after a stroke, had the courage to challenge this law which would cut his pension by 36% and deprive him of a significant portion of income.

And in 2022, before he could receive medical aid in dying, he received a victory.

The penalty on his pension will be reduced from 36% to 24%.

Since then, others have continued to fight Mr. McLean.

The “Disabled Persons at the Front” movement is leading the struggle to put an end to this reduction in their pensions once and for all.

Will you find yourself in poverty when you turn 65, in addition to being disabled?

I feel ashamed of the government.

It therefore deals with frail older people, who face significant limitations and enormous challenges on a daily basis.

Indeed the fate of our elders is not the most enviable.

The housing crisis hits them head-on.

Many small robotic operating systems are disappearing to make way for luxury real estate complexes.

Grocery cart is expensive.

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They are constantly criticized for overcrowding emergency rooms.

There is a shortage of family doctors and access to home care.

Waiting lists are increasing.

Our seniors often feel abandoned and that disability isolates them even more.

It is usual to say that judging a society by the way it treats its elderly…

Why do we punish our disabled elders, Mr. Lugo?