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Demolition of Saint Madeleine Church: a page of history is turned

Demolition of Saint Madeleine Church: a page of history is turned

The bell tower and a section of the roof: this is all that remains of the Basilica of Sainte-Madeleine. Physically, because she remains very present in the hearts of the people of Cap de la Madeleine.

I made my first visit there, and I got married there. “It's part of my life,” says one of the many curious people who came to see the demolition.

Some, like Pierre Savard, saw its construction between 1951 and 1953. I had to come to mass here. I had to return to the little temple to serve another mass! We did all this for 60 cents a week!

Each torn piece seems to commemorate, sometimes happier while others evoking sadder moments, as in the case of Michel Picard.

“I worked at J.D. Garneau Funeral Home,” he said. We had a funeral there. Then my daughter when she died. “She was 3 years old, it was 1980. The funeral was held here.”

Trois-Rivières city spokesman, Mikael Morissette, indicated that the project will be announced soon.

He added: “This is a file that has a history of litigation, so it is necessary that when we come up with a promising project, such as what will be announced soon, we see it in a positive light.” “On the other hand, when we see the ruins of something that has left its mark on the people of the area, and which holds many memories that fall with this church, there is a small part of nostalgia that takes over, obviously, but with the social housing project, we are turning the page towards the future.”

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The future will also retain a trace of the past as the developer has promised to build a memorial element on the land with about fifty stones from the church that have been preserved. Details of its housing project should be announced within 15 days.