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UK, Australia agree to trade agreement (press)

UK, Australia agree to trade agreement (press)

London | The United Kingdom and Australia have agreed on key avenues for a post-Brexit trade deal, which is expected to be announced today, the British press reported on Tuesday.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Australian envoy Scott Morrison signed an agreement on dinner on Downing Street on Monday evening, the PA news agency reported.

The official announcement is scheduled for GMT at 8 p.m.

This trade agreement, which has not yet been signed, is the first by the UK to renew or adapt agreements between the EU and other countries.

However, this is of great concern within the government, especially among British breeders who fear losing competitiveness against Australian beef and lamb.

The British government hopes that this agreement with Australia will easily open the doors to the Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement (CPTPP), which unites 11 countries in the United States and Asia. The latter authorized the United Kingdom in early June to begin the process of joining this broad free trade agreement.

The UK already has agreements with the European Union and Japan and is in talks with the United States, India and New Zealand outside Australia. Negotiations with Canada and Mexico are planned.

Although progress so far has been negligible, the United States is also expecting London to sign a trade agreement. It was not mentioned in the reports of the pre-G7 meeting between Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden in Cornwall (southwest of England) on Thursday.