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It is the most confiscated item in the UK

Security checks at the airport are very strict. Some products are banned on flights, prompting screening officials to confiscate them.

The 100 ml rule for carrying liquids on planes should soon become history. In Europe, a new generation of 3D scanners is gradually being used in airports.

The new system, already in use at many airports, allows passenger screening officers to get a complete picture of the contents of a suitcase. Passengers no longer have to remove laptops and other electronic devices that get in the way of conventional scanners.

London City Airport / Photo: Facebook: Army in London – Headquarters London District

It should also end the 100 ml restriction on liquids. But until this new system is generalized to all airports, passengers will continue to follow the old rules, especially regarding liquids.

Airport: This unusual product has been captured mostly in English airports

In this situation, the manager of the English airport told the tabloid this Saturday, April 8 the sun, the most confiscated product from passengers. And it is a product subject to the 100 ml liquid rule.

According to Alison Fitzgerald, operations manager of London City Airport, the product is nothing but a spread of the popular Marmite brand in the UK. Passengers are regularly asked to leave their Marmite jars at security gates as the product does not comply with hand luggage rules.

In fact, the consistency of the spread is considered a liquid and therefore defies the 100ml rule still in place at most British airports, explains the interlocutor.

If not placed in checked baggage, this paste is often subject to seizure, so it is considered a highly confiscated item. All captured pots are usually donated to charities if not started, the manager assures.

Security stole my marmite », testimonials from travelers

Passengers shared their experiences in this regard. “ Security stole my Marmite because it looked liquid “, a passenger at Bristol Airport testified, quoted by the same source.

We had to eat 3/4 of a pot outside security at UK Gatwick airport because we didn’t know it was liquid and we were sick the whole flight to Dublin. ” lamented another.

And Marmite isn’t the only unusual product seized by security. Snow globes are high on the list of items confiscated at London City Airport.

According to Alison, “ That’s because, unlike most toiletries, snow globes rarely have a clear label indicating how much liquid they contain. “. Without this label, staff cannot be sure that the liquid is much less than 100 ml.

But that has changed at London City Airport, with a new baggage screening scanner going live today, Saturday April 8, The Sun reports.

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