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Former ASM player Seethalaki Dimani recalled with Australia

It says an eternity on November 23, 2013. During a Test match in Scotland, Seethalaki Dimani was honored with his 18th Test and last Test against Australia.

2,760 days later (almost eight years) later, as it celebrates its 35th anniversary in September, the second line will begin its history with Wallace. 38 players were called up by coach Dave Rennie this Sunday for the summer tour.

ASM Clermont: Dimani is leaving … Lavanini is coming!

Beyond the player’s age, Dimani’s return to the selection is surprising because Dimani returned to the island-continent only at the beginning of 2021. When he was on contract with ‘ASM’, Dimani was recognized at the time as a sports manager for early repatriation for “family reasons” in the context of imprisonment. One decision that hurt the club on the field – with Orphan Auvergne second line – outside.

If he is retained in the tight team, Dimani, who now defends the colors of the Western Army (including 10 in 10 Super Rugby matches this year), will find some players from his former Clermont team like Damien Bennett as they face Australia. The French team is three times this summer (July 7 in Sydney, July 13 in Melbourne and July 17 in Brisbane).

Frederick Verna

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