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Farms occupied by millions of rats

Farms occupied by millions of rats



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A. Vahramian, a. Monange, d. Staplen, A.. Al Yahai – France 2

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For months, Australian farmers have been attacked by rats. The latter gather in barns and devour crops. Some who have faced this problem have asked the government to provide them with a powerful pesticide.

This A real invasion Mice experienced in Australia for several months. They run at the base of grain pits and devour crops. They also destroy farmers’ machinery, tractors and houses. Unheard of in the country. The damage is monumental. “We can not even take this in our hands anymore. The rats have decomposed it. There is nothing we can do other than this straw. We have to start all over again.”, Explains the frustrated young farmer.

Mice also enter the pits. Some interesting pictures thus show the machines spitting rain of rodents. “We need a super powerful product similar to Nabam to spray them.”, Judge Adam John Marshall, Minister of Agriculture, New South Wales. In addition, officials fear the situation could get out of control if the rats do not get better cooling by the end of June.

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