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The UK and Western Europe have the lowest number of workers worldwide, although stress levels have dropped during epidemics.

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Lack of employee engagement is estimated to cost the world economy .1 8.1 trillion a year

Washington, June 14, 2021 / PR Newswire / – Latest Report From time immemorial in the UK and on the status of the global workplaceEurope Only 11% of westerners have the lowest employee engagement levels in the world, but regional employees rated themselves as having high life ratings (55% successful) and low negative emotions. Compared to employees in many parts of the world. In fact, the staffEurope Westerners were less prone to depression and anger, no change in sadness, and only increased three points to anxiety.

Internationally, employee involvement has declined by two percentage points since 2019 2020, and Caleb estimates that low employee involvement will cost the world economy .1 8.1 trillion. UnlikeEurope In the West, employee engagement levels Europe In the East it has increased by seven per cent 2019 and 2020, the world’s largest regional increase.

ThroughoutEurope In Western Europe, working women (13%) were more involved (10%) than working men, while they reported lower daily stress rates than 2020 (41%) and 2019 (47%), perhaps. Networks in many European countries, such as well-developed social systems, have helped prevent some job losses and unemployment, which may be due to favorable social security.

In 2020, global workers recorded more anxiety, depression, anger and sadness than the previous year. There has been a tremendous increase in daily anxiety worldwide Europe East (+12 points), while the percentage of young employeesEurope Experiencing daily anger in the East has doubled in between 2019 and 2020.

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Even before the epidemic, new workers demanded a place to work to improve their lives in general and improve their well-being. Companies are in a unique position to improve life and performance at the same time, he said On Xinjiang, Caleb Executive PartnerEurope.

French and British employees did not feel valued at work (10% and 9%, respectively). However, this figure is still lower than mostEurope From the East, 32% of Lithuanian employees do not feel respected at work.

In the UK, 60% of workers consider themselves well-educated, which is higher than in Germany (59%). France (42%), Spain (42%) and Italy (41%), but they have the highest well-being (74%) than the Nordic countries. Overall, TheEurope Prosperity levels have been recorded above the world average.

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