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Thousands of federal freedom of information requests cannot be traced

Thousands of federal freedom of information requests cannot be traced

If you are waiting for a response to an access to information request sent to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), the wait could be long. Until eternity.

Radio-Canada has learned that approximately 12,000 access requests, and potentially thousands of other documents related to those requests, such as emails, statistics or investigative reports, are currently untraceable, after a computer issue affected the federal organization.

[Nous travaillons] With government experts and relevant system suppliers from the private sector to understand the problem, its impacts and find solutions.

Quote from Guillaume Bérubé, spokesperson for the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

CBSA”,”text”:”Upgrade to CBSA infrastructure”}}”>Upgrade the city's infrastructureCanada Border Services Agency It will be the cause of the problem. This is amazing maintenancewhich was performed on February 8, is back Some files […] It cannot be accessed“, explains Jean-Pierre Potvin, spokesperson for Shared Services Canada (SSC), the federal agency responsible for digital services.

CBSA”,”text”:”The work was not expected to impact CBSA services”}}”>The work was not expected to have an impact on the organization's servicesCanada Border Services Agencyhe adds.

The Canada Border Services Agency says its “processing capacity” to access information requests is now back to normal.

Photo: Radio-Canada/Ivanoh Demers

The final effect is unknown

In total, Servers”,”text”: “An issue affecting 40 servers out of 1,700”}}”>The problem affected 40 of the 1,700 servers Managed by Border Services, it represents 16,000 access to information requests, some dating back to before 2021. Orders recovered”text”:So far, 4000 orders have been retrieved”}}”>So far, 4,000 applications have been recoveredMentions Jean-Pierre Potvin.

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