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Joe Biden wants to "let Putin and China know that the United States and Europe are united."

Joe Biden wants to “let Putin and China know that the United States and Europe are united.”

Almost five months after coming to power, Joe Biden flew to the UK on Wednesday, June 9, the first stop of a European tour, during which he wants to emphasize the determination of the Atlantic Alliance to his face. Face with Vladimir Putin, It will take place on June 16 in Geneva.

Shortly before departure on the plane The plane of the American president, The US President promised to let people know the purpose of his visit “The United States and Europe are clearly at odds with Putin and China [Ă©taient] Ignited “. The first stop of the tour: the Miltonhall site east of the United Kingdom, where the president will speak Wednesday evening in front of members of the U.S. Air Force.

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A date-e-date is scheduled for Thursday, June 10, with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Together with his wife, Jill Biden, the Democrat leader will attend the G7 summit in Cornwall (southwest of the UK) from Friday to Sunday, during which the Govt-19 epidemic and climate will be one of the priorities.

“My trip to Europe is an opportunity for the United States to mobilize democracies around the world.”, Promised the teller since coming to power, that despite the orientations of his predecessor Donald Trump, the United States has returned («America is back) And wants to be fully involved in world affairs.

Before arriving in Brussels to attend the NATO summit, Joe Biden will arrive in Queen Elizabeth II on Sunday, June 13 at Windsor Castle for sixty-nine years.

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Tough talk with Putin

At the Andrews military base on the outskirts of Washington in Dorma, Joe Biden said he plans to soon launch a more global vaccination strategy. The White House, which has been widely criticized for delaying the sharing of vaccines against Govt-19 with the rest of the world, is now trying to take the lead. “The United States is committed to vaccinating our country internationally with the same sense of urgency that we have shown.”, Urges the US President.

Washington announces 75% of 80 million dose vaccines promised overseas by end-June Will be distributed through the Kovacs sharing device. The latter is set To ensure equal distribution of vaccines, Especially for low-income countries.

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The summit, to be held on Wednesday, June 16 in Geneva, Switzerland, will be the culmination of this first trip with Vladimir Putin, at a time when Joe Biden is in trouble in his own country amid a backlash within his own camp. Ukraine ; Belarus ; The fate of the Russian enemy Alexei Navalny, Imprisoned; Cyberotax: The debates promise to be bitter and difficult, especially at this last stage. Question “ Cyber Will be “An object of our discussion”, Joe Biden promised Wednesday before he left.

As for Russia, the White House reiterates that it has modest expectations, transforming compliant news and warnings. The sole purpose put forward is to further enhance the relationship between the two countries “Stable and predictable”.

The presidency of the United States has provided some details about the conduct of this date-e-date. He pointed out that unlike what happened with Donald Trump in Helsinki in 2018, a joint press conference between the two was not on the agenda.

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