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Robert Sovi Institute for Occupational Health and Safety Research

Robert Sovi Institute for Occupational Health and Safety Research

Sabrina Gravela researcher at IRSST, will be the new secretary of the IRSST Scientific Committee for Industrial Toxicology (Scott) fromInternational Commission on Occupational Health (International Commission for Occupational Health – ICOH-CIST) for the three-year period 2024-2026.

She has been appointed by Dr. Giovanna Tranfo, Head of the Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Epidemiology and Hygiene, INAIL – Italy, as the new President of SCOT.

β€œIt is a great opportunity to establish links on the international scene in the field of industrial toxicology, and to promote the IRSST and our work,” explains Sabrina Gravelle.


This scientific committee, SCOT, was founded in 1990 in Montreal, Canada. Its mission is to promote research in all areas of industrial toxicology. One of the current goals of SCOT is to use biomonitoring (BM) in exposure assessment and interventions in workplaces and the general environment, based on well-established scientific and ethical principles.

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