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American 50km Road Champion Preston Johnson.

American 50km Road Champion Preston Johnson.

Within two months of the 100km championship that Zack Bitter won, the U.S. ultra-runners set a 50km mark on the East Coast.

Long Island, southeastern New York, gave American athletes a short break during the National 50km Road Championships last week due to a heat wave.

At Hexar State Park, facing the Great South Bay, in a 5km round, 26-year-old Preston Johnson dominated his opponents to win the 2h53’19 (marathon passed at 2h23’10) title. Only 38 seconds earlier than 28-year-old Kyle Masterson had a win. 39-year-old Fernando Capada finished the stage in 2h55’07.

25 km in Utah. Preston Johnson, who already won the Antelope Island buffalo race in the distance last March, is confirming his excellent start to the year.

The 24-year-old Stone Khan, who was awarded the Sacred and Favorite last year, finished 10th at 3h16’53, while 47-year-old Steel Michael Warden had a race. Far from its standard, it ranked 16th in 3h37’21.

Among the women, in the absence of 2020 champion Camille Heron, the title advanced to 37-year-old Texan Randy Burnett (14th in the scratch classification) at 3h32’01, ahead of Regina Lopez at 3h36’10.

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