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Sylvain Cosset talks about his life in the countryside

Sylvain Cosset talks about his life in the countryside

We met Sylvain Cosset during a classic golf and bike ride organized for the Breakfast Club. The singer told us about his involvement in the case, his plans for a sabbatical, and his role as a grandfather.

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For several years Sylvain Cosset has been involved in events organized for the Breakfast Club, a cause close to his heart. I went several times to make breakfast for the kids in the morning. I saw how the breakfast club works. my best friend (Andre Waters) He also volunteered for the club in our neighborhood,” the singer told us right away, saddened to see young people not eating before going to school.

The guy who came to play golf for the cause also told us about the song he just released, Missing. “I didn’t think I’d release a song. A month ago I was in the car and expressed to my girlfriend that I wanted to write a song for the radio. I got home in the evening, went to sleep, and at 5:30 in the morning I woke up, and I dreamed about the song. I did a demo in two days.” “Then I gave it to the guitarist. We did the song in one day. The reaction is very good. I wanted to know if I could, today, at the age of 60, play on the radio, if I still had something to offer.”

Surprisingly, despite the years of his clock career, Sylvain Cosset still had doubts. “I stopped making music for the radio, because the field had changed so much. It’s a young world now, and that’s okay. I’m not a guy who fights the currents. So I didn’t pressure myself into telling myself my song had to be played on the radio. I put it out hoping it would pass.”

A new decade of freedom
Sylvain Cosset, who turned 60 on May 8, celebrated his birthday very simply: “It was very comfortable. I was more shocked when I turned 50 than when I turned 60. I am much healthier and fitter than when I was My 50’s. I feel good and in my place with the projects I have, the place I’m in and the rhythm of our lives, my girlfriend and I. I love everything there. When you feel good and don’t worry, it’s easy to take it.

The couple actually made the jump to Morrissey to live there. “It is our oasis. We live our lives. We’re not hippies, but almost. I lived in abundance, I’ve been making music for 42 years. I lived as showbiz in Montreal. We still love the city, and if we want to spend two or three days there, we go to the hotel. But we have our own rhythm in Morrissey, a breath of fresh air there.”

This freedom to live, he also enforced by managing his career himself. “I’m a guy who’s dreamed of freedom since I was little. I don’t have ties or anyone to hold my hand. We work alone, me and my girlfriend. We do things our way. In the end, I’m my own boss, and I need my girlfriend to see if that’s possible. She’s the one You run the business. When you feel like doing something, you dive in.”

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Almost two years off
The singer has reached his 100th show of his tour Sylvain Cosette Live. He will attend 120 performances. “After that, I took a break for about two years. We already have 50 dates planned for the next tour, in 2025.” What is he going to do in the next two years? “There will be trips. Otherwise, I will enjoy life and my role as a grandfather. We will see what happens to the song, whether I want to write more. And I will start preparing for my next show.”

Photo: Jay Beauber

Happy grandfather with two grandchildren (Daughter Beth Cosette gave birth to two sons, born in 2022 and 2023)He cherishes the beautiful moments that this role brings him. “There’s a beauty in that. I watch the kids go by, and I’m not with them every day. I also watch my daughter in her role as a mother. She is so good. I see it as a miracle, the fact that my daughter comes back to life. It’s fun, because when you’re a parent, it comes in a big dose.” Of love, but also of concern. We wish to be a good father and life with him to be good. Being grandparents, there is this little disconnect. We take the baby and give it back to the parents when the diapers are full. (He laughs)»

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