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Daxing Cowboy |  Montreal Magazine

Daxing Cowboy | Montreal Magazine

They promised a big party. This is exactly what they provided. The Dashing Cowboys lived up to their name Thursday night by thrilling the Bell Center with electricity with wild and contagious successes delivered to a complicit crowd.

Obviously, Montreal was eager to find her favorite cowboy. Karl Tremblay, Marie-Annick Lepin, Jean-François Bosé, and Jerome Dubras took to the stage at the Bell Center to thunderous applause, as the audience greeted them so fiercely that they had nothing to envy to those who usually retain great rock stars. from the planet.

Singing is very appropriate in business, the quartet immediately raised the level of energy – or even hysteria – to a good degree, both the floor and the stands jumping in unison with the rhythm of Bye bye Lou, La Ren or crossing.

The atmosphere reached its peak halfway with America is crying, was crowned Song of the Year at last year’s ADISQ concert. Bell’s entire center as a singer improvised for a moment of total communication between the artists and the audience.

By advocating thundering electric guitars and dancing rhythms rather than stories, Dashing Cowboys didn’t leave their fans behind, many of whom spent their entire evening standing up swinging their hips.

In one of the few quieter tracks, singer Carl Tremblay gave a great soul My friend RemyIn front of the steps lit by the lights of colored mobile phones, she dances in vigil.

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Emile Belleaudo in the preamble

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The table is especially well set up by Emile Bilodeau in good condition and with a good sound. The highlight of this first part? Address I rememberWith his poignant references to George Floyd and Joyce Ichakuen, he hit his head.

He may only be 25 years old, but the singer-songwriter is really ready to create a runway of this stature that rocks a solo.

He proves it beyond doubt with his remarkable liveliness and communicative energy.

It should also be noted that entering the runway at the beginning of the evening was particularly smooth, and the vaccination passport check is now a well-equipped mechanism for the Bell Center.

…and the masks fall off

But once they reach the stands, the masks quickly slip under the chin – or even disappear entirely – spectators with impunity ignore applicable public health directives… and that’s even if a recorded message reminds them of the order before the show begins.

The Dashing Cowboys are back in the saddle Friday night, Saturday, then December 27, still at the Bell Center in Montreal.