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Louise Seguin addresses the Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge controversy for the first time

Louise Seguin addresses the Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge controversy for the first time

At the microphone of Sophie Durocher, Louise Séguin spoke for the first time about the recent controversy between Guillaume Lemay and Thivierge.

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Tomorrow evening, April 29, the highly anticipated second season of the daily newspaper will begin. If we still love each otheror Louise Seguina relationship support expert, will work with couples determined to improve their relationships.

The couple he formed Guillaume Lemay-Thiverge And Emily Begin They are also part of the project, following the progress of the participants and commenting on the adventure.

However, we may not have told you that Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge has recently been at the center of controversy, which has seen him lose, in particular, his contract with the hosting of Masked Singers.

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However, he will actually be present on TVA as part of If we loved each otherSophie Durocher insisted on listening to Louise Séguin on this subject, on QUB Radio, on April 25:

Sophie Durocher: “I want to hear from you, Louise, about this whole controversy. What position has it put you in?”

Louise Seguin: “I will disappoint you, my lovely Sophie, but I will not put myself in her position, for professional reasons related to the project. I have no opinion to express. All I have to do is deal with all of this like all the people involved and all the viewers, and we will see the rest. [du projet] How will it unfold?”

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After the host praised the importance of the duo, she said, in the show, the relationship support expert added:

“Their participation is essential because it reflects all the reactions we have as viewers in our living room. They have incredible spontaneity and authenticity, which means that we can't help but sympathize with the participants and the couples, but also with Guillaume and Emilie who interact during the show.”

You can listen to the full interview here:

do not miss If we still love each otherfrom April 29, Monday to Thursday, at 7 pm on TVA and VAT +.

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