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Celine Dion pays tribute to Jean-Pierre Verland

Celine Dion pays tribute to Jean-Pierre Verland

In a message she posted Sunday evening on the social networking site

“You wrote me kisses that illuminated me better than all the stars. Court life took you away with love notebooks from my room at the Hotel Saint Amant. The women I loved so much are sad, they go to bed at night and cry. Farewell Jean-Pierre, I will love you always… always… “Always…” Celine Dion wrote.

The singer then went on to explain in English who Mr. Ferland was.

“Jean-Pierre Verland was a French-Canadian poet, songwriter and TV presenter. He was a gentleman who loved women and wrote hundreds of songs that became part of our lives,” she explained. Two of them wrote to me, which created a strong bond between us. Pay tribute to him using selected lyrics from these songs. Rest in peace my dear friend, you will remain in my heart forever.”

Remember, Jean-Pierre Ferland died on Saturday at the age of 89 from natural causes.

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