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When Trump reconnects with DeSantis

When Trump reconnects with DeSantis

I will not soon forget the following passage, taken from A condition the The New York Times Explaining the “castration” of Ron DeSantis at the hands of Donald Trump even before the race for the 2024 Republican nomination opened: “In front of huge crowds, Mr. Trump portrayed Mr. DeSantis as a submissive crybaby, insisting that he cry and plead.” 'On his knees' for support in Florida's 2018 gubernatorial race In a series of sexually charged attacks, Mr. Trump suggested — without any evidence — that Mr. DeSantis wore high heels, that he might have been gay, and that he might have been a pedophile. »

We must believe that Florida's Republican governor does not hold a grudge. Because on Sunday he agreed to participate in a private meeting with Trump organized by a mutual ally in Miami. According to this a report the Washington PostThe meeting lasted several hours and took place in a friendly atmosphere. Ultimately, DeSantis vowed to help his former tormentor.

We must understand that it is Trump who finds himself this time in the role of the supplicant. according to mailHe wants access to DeSantis' donor list in order to make up for his lag behind Joe Biden in the race for campaign money.

Why would DeSantis want to help him? Having emerged weak from the race for the Republican nomination, he will understand that he cannot remain on bad terms with Trump if he wants to build a future within the Republican Party.

Ha! How influential is politics? Today's enemy can become forever's friend.

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