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New Documentary Series: Dive into SQ Divers with Marie-Christine Bergeron

New Documentary Series: Dive into SQ Divers with Marie-Christine Bergeron

Marie-Christine Bergeron has been on call for a year with the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) dive team for her new documentary series, Police Diver, which premieres in Vrai on Tuesday.

The former TVA journalist, now a news anchor at Noovo, met this band, by chance, while filming another documentary project about water. They discussed their daily lives, asked themselves questions about their practices, and then the idea of ​​incursion into the field was posed.

“From that moment on, I started thinking, ‘Okay, but I really want to follow them,'” she told QMI.

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“This is the first time since the establishment of the unit in the mid-1970s that a camera crew has been followed,” said the journalist, stressing that she deserved carte blanche, but also the privilege to produce this documentary. series.

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For a year, Marie-Christine Bergeron has followed a squad of police divers from Sûreté du Québec—of which there are only six in Quebec to be a part of—through different situations and temperatures.

“Every time they had it communicateThey called me and we moved. I’ve been on call for a year,” she explains with a laugh, while adding that the photo shoots have a “very special” feel to them due to the unpredictability and frequency of calls, especially in the summer.

“I was also distinguished by their determination to search. When a 16-year-old girl was reported missing after falling off the cliffs, they walked the slopes from 6am until dark, with little to no rest. It’s just incredible physically,” she was surprised. .

In particular, divers have to deal with the vagaries of the weather, summer and winter, but also to navigate and adapt to each watercourse, currents, sometimes zero visibility and majestic depths. The series, which gives an important place to nature, underwater imagery and confidence, also highlights the techniques and tools used by the highly specialized team at SQ.

“The guys were really engaged, even though they were all uncomfortable standing in front of the cameras and giving interviews, but it ended up being a gem,” said the journalist and host.

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Jerome Huff is responsible for the photography direction for the series, available on eight episodes, while Marie-Christine Bergeron signs direction. She is currently filming a new documentary whose details will be revealed soon.

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Police Divers will be available on Vrai from Tuesday.