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Kate and William Meshaan: This official photo was shared on the occasion of their 13th wedding anniversary

Kate and William Meshaan: This official photo was shared on the occasion of their 13th wedding anniversary

It's a date they'll never forget. On April 29, 2011, at Westminster Abbey in London, United Kingdom, Prince William and Kate Middleton said “I do” in front of the whole world. Since then, the royal couple seems to have been living in perfect love. They are both parents to three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. An official photo was unveiled on Monday, April 29, marking their 13th wedding anniversary. It was taken on the day of their union. “Thirteen years ago on this day”we can read in the comment.

This photo received unanimous approval from Internet users. In the comments, many people wanted to congratulate Prince William and Kate Middleton, saying they make a wonderful couple. As a reminder, this is not the first time that the Cambridge family has revealed unpublished photos. They are used to being near Britons and sharing their daily lives whenever they can. On special occasions, Kate Middleton and her husband are transparent. This is especially the case on Mother's and Father's Day ever since These are pictures of their children that are posted on the Internet. Something to please the fans.

Prince William: What will he prepare for his wife on this special day?

Reserve surprises for him on this special day. According to Grant Harold, former butler to King Charles III, the Prince of Wales plans to organize a very special celebration. “William will make sure Kate is spoiled this year and may do something special that he is now famous for.” Reveal before continuing: “Maybe William could cook something for him.”

Prince William is famous for being a good cook. Will Prince William wear an apron and prepare a good meal for his wife? According to information from Grant Harold, he could be there as well “They exchanged gifts and I have no doubt they were writing cards to each other.”, He says. The Prince of Wales can also choose to have a meal with friends and family rather than dine alone. Or will they just spend the evening with their children? Regardless of the program that is planned. This will do Kate Middleton the greatest good. Between the baseless rumors surrounding her and her aggressive cancer treatment, the Princess of Wales has not had a moment to rest.

Kate Middleton: a refined princess

Kate Middleton is facing a real blow. Although she thought she would be hospitalized for minor surgery, she was diagnosed with cancer. In a video posted last March, she shared this terrible news, and also admitted that she needed time to rest. Prince William first canceled all of his royal engagements before resuming them a few weeks later. He recently went to school to discuss an important topic: mental health. He got a gift for his wife: Lego building sets. The school principal justified his action by saying: Building things is therapeutic, and sunflowers represent happiness, positivity and strength. A gesture that must have pleased Kate Middleton.

For the headmaster, the goal was not to give a simple gift to the Princess of Wales. “We didn't want to give flowers. But something meaningful represents the topic of the day.” He explained before adding that Prince William was very touched by this gesture. He explained that this He would be very good at home.” He completed. In addition to the British who are very concerned about her, Kate Middleton can count on her family being by her side. Her three children, who have been informed of the situation, are very supportive, as is her husband.

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