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Opening concert of the Lanaudiere Festival: Farah Alipay will take us on a journey into space

Opening concert of the Lanaudiere Festival: Farah Alipay will take us on a journey into space

On July 6, aerospace engineer Farah Alipay will participate in the opening concert of the Lanaudiere Festival with the Orchestra di La Gora, a launch into orbit that will make people dream.

The young and popular scholar will chair the event alongside founding conductor of the Agora Orchestra, Nicholas Ellis.

Farah Alipay promises to “take audiences on a journey of discovery through our solar system Planets “By Gustav Holst in the background,” we provided details on Monday in a press release, in which we talked about a uniquely formatted concert. Let us remember that this piece inspired John Williams, who wrote the music for it star Wars.

Farah Alibay in the laboratory where the Marco satellites were built.

Courtesy photo

The program will be completed with the song “Orion” by Quebec composer Claude Vivier.

Farah Alipay, who was born in Montreal and grew up in Joliet and Manchester, UK, will talk about the properties of all the planets and her experience as a young aerospace engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Notably, it was part of the Mars 2020 mission, and thus worked on the Perseverance rover, which landed on Mars in February 2021, and then on the Ingenuity helicopter, which carried out the first controlled flight on another planet in April 2021.

Images from NASA as well as images from Farah Alibay's personal archive will be broadcast on the giant screens of the Fernand-Lindsay Theater, adding that since 2022 Farah Alibay has been the engineer responsible for the flight systems of the SPHEREx telescope. , an infrared telescope that will be launched in a few years.

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“Farah Alibai's remarkable personal and professional journey is an inspiration to everyone who crosses her path. This exceptional collaboration expands the circle of activity of the festival, thus adding the participation of one of the most prominent figures of his generation in Quebec,” noted the Artistic Director of the Lanaudiere Festival, Renaud Loranger.

To learn about the entire programme, including many new free activities, for the 47th edition of the Lanaudière Festival, go to On-line. The event will take place from July 6 to August 4.