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Delays and flight cancellations: Here are the US airlines you should avoid

Delays and flight cancellations: Here are the US airlines you should avoid

Delayed or canceled flights: You should choose your airline carefully when it's time to travel, otherwise you risk starting your vacation off on the wrong foot.

Fortunately, a study based on data from the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics set out to calculate the arrival rates of 10 airlines from our southern neighbour, but which are also regularly employed by Quebecers, reports New York Post Wednesday.

In this terrain, it is Delta Air Lines and its regional subsidiary, SkyWest, that claim the titles of most punctual airlines, with respectively 82.61% and 82.46% of flights on time, and only 16, 17% and 16.01% of flights. Delayed and 1.02% 1.22% and 1.22% of flights were canceled in 2023, according to a NerdWallet analysis.

The companies will be closely followed by Alaska Airlines, with only 0.81% of flights canceled in 2023, but 19.42% of flights delayed, as well as United Airlines, which took fourth place with 1.4% of its canceled flights and 20.27% of flights postponed. .

Conversely, Frontier Airlines was not as impressive, with nearly a third of its flights delayed (30.71%) as well as 2.13% of flights cancelled, with only 67% of its flights remaining within one hour.

The company will closely follow JetBlue, which had already been named the country's worst airline the previous year according to Wall Street Journal Due to punctuality problems.

In fact, JetBlue would have only 67% of flights on time in 2023, with 30.4% of flights delayed and 2.1% cancelled.

The analysis comes shortly after the Federal Department of Transportation announced that US airlines will now have to compensate travelers immediately – and in full – when a flight is cancelled, according to US media.

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To avoid delays, it is recommended to book a flight early in the morning since the plane is often already at the airport, and avoid layovers as much as possible to reduce the chances of flight delays and disruption to your schedule. NerdWallet recommends according to New York Post.

Here is the complete list of the most punctual US airlines in 2023, according to New York Post:

1- Delta Airlines

82.61% on time, 16.17% late, 1.02% on canceled flights.

2- SkyWest Airlines

82.46% on schedule, 16.01% delays, 1.22% flight cancellations

3- Alaska Airlines

79.48% on schedule, 19.42% delays, 0.81% flight cancellations

4- United Airlines

78.07% on schedule, 20.27% delayed, 1.4% canceled flights

5- Southwest Airlines

77.25% on schedule, 21.55% delays, 1% flight cancellations

6- American Airlines

75.94% on schedule, 22.74% delays, 1.06% flight cancellations

7- Hawaiian Airlines

75.2% on schedule, 23.41% delays, 1.3% flight cancellations

8- Soul flight

69.51% on schedule, 28.59% delayed, 1.7% canceled flights


67% on schedule, 30.4% delayed, 2.1% canceled flights

10- Frontier Airlines

67% on schedule, 30.71% delayed, 2.13% canceled flights