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"Surprise" resignation of Boris Johnson's adviser trapped in "partygate"

“Surprise” resignation of Boris Johnson’s adviser trapped in “partygate”

The shocking “surprise” departure again Boris JohnsonTainted by corruption ” At the party gate “. Adviser to the Prime Minister British, Boris Johnson announced Thursday that the minister has resigned to take responsibility for complying with the rules and regulations. The Conservative leader, who has thus suffered a new setback, expressed his “surprise” in a letter sent to Christopher Keith on Thursday, saying he was “sorry” for receiving the resignation letter.

The latter, he explained in his statement, thought that after the “Partygate” scandal, these parties could continue their role. Downing Street When Brackets It also fined Boris Johnson. But he finally decided to resign after being placed in an “impossible position” by a new demand.

“A shame”

“The Minister has been instructed to advise on the intent of the Government to consider measures that may intentionally and deliberately violate the law. This request put me in an impossible and awkward position, ”he wrote without elaborating.

He said the idea of ​​the Prime Minister “deliberately violating his own code in any way” was an insult. Boris Johnson responded by saying, “I seek his advice before making any decisions.”

New denial to Johnson

Christopher Keith is the second ministerial ethics adviser to resign in three years after Alex Allen. The latter knocked on the door in 2020 after Boris Johnson refused to accept his decision on harassment allegations against Home Minister Priti Patel.

The resignation of this former diplomat who had also been the Queen’s private secretary for ten years Elizabeth IIA new denial to Boris Johnson, who recently escaped from one No-confidence vote More than 40% of Conservative MPs sought to oust him. Despite retaining office and not being targeted by a one-year no-confidence motion, the prime minister, who has become increasingly unpopular two-and-a-half years after the election victory, has seen his power diminished by the size of a slingshot. .

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