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Australia thinks big!

New South Wales, Already. The area is not only about Sydney, but also the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Blue Mountains and Hunter Valley, the wine growing area.

South Australia, This is Kangaroo Island dedicated to sixteen wine regions and Australian wildlife: you can easily find sea lions, koalas, dolphins and small sea dragons.

Only part, Northern Territory and DarwinIts cultural capital, among other things, is the Kakkadu National Park, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is widely divided. Seven distinct areas and six specific seasons. It is also “mandatory” to go around the Uluru-Ayers rock with the tribal guide.

We go to Queensland and Brisbane, A city known for its vibrant and sober lifestyle. The destination is also home to the 74 islands that make up the Great Barrier Reef and the Witches.

There is more, State of Victoria It was able to highlight the cultural and exciting life of Melbourne and the life of the mountains with many opportunities to engage in activities such as skiing, climbing and hiking. Victoria is an extensive beach to find on the Great Ocean Road that winds its way over 200km.

In fact, “Think big“, Without being disturbed by the crowd. Australia, in fact, has a population of only 25 million, which is just over three per km2.

Finally, keep in mind that Australia and New Zealand will host the Women’s World Cup 2023 from July 19 to August 20.