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Millions of UK iPhone users can get a refund due to battery 'throttle'

Millions of UK iPhone users can get a refund due to battery ‘throttle’

A consumer lawyer filed a complaint against this AppleRelated to the incident that took place around the old power management tool in 2017 IPhone Samples.

Technology company Justin Goodman has been accused of undermining its performance IPhone Cell phones – a process called “throttling” – cover a power management tool in software updates to combat performance issues and prevent abrupt shutdown of older devices.

Mr Goodman has filed a complaint with the Competition Appeals Tribunal seeking 768 million in compensation for 25 million UK owners. IPhone Samples.


Accuses that Apple Misleading users about the incident by misleading users by downloading software updates that claim to improve the performance of some devices, but in fact, slowed them down.

The legal claim alleges that Apple misled users into downloading software updates that actually slowed down their iPhones (PA).

The complaint regarding the introduction of the Power Management Tool, released in January 2017 in a software update for iPhone users, was released to slow down the old. IPhone Models with older batteries may have difficulty running the latest iOS software and avoid a sudden shutdown of the device.

Information about this tool was not included in the description of the software update download at that time or it would slow down the user’s device. Goodman said.

He claims that Apple introduced this tool to hide the fact that IPhone Batteries could not keep up with the new iOS processing demands and instead of recalling products or replacing batteries, the company encouraged users to download software updates.

The legal claim states Apple The company later added a note to the tool in its update notes to the update on its website, but did not specify whether it would reduce the old one. IPhone.

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How can an iPhone user benefit from a claim?

The complaint is about iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X models.

It claims compensation for each model it owns and is a non-participating claimant, meaning customers do not have to actively join in the case to receive damages.

Mr Goodman said: “Instead of doing the right thing in a respectful and legal way by their customers, instead of offering free replacement, repair service or compensation. Apple Conversely, software updates mislead people by hiding a tool that slows down their devices by up to 58%.

“I started this business, so there are millions IPhone Users across the UK will receive compensation for vulnerabilities AppleActions.

“I hope that if this case is successful, major companies will reevaluate their business models and refrain from this kind of behavior.”

In a statement, Apple We have done and will not do anything to deliberately shorten anyone’s life Apple Deteriorating product or user experience to attract customers to improve.

“Our goal is to create products that our customers want IPhone Being as durable as possible is an important part of that.