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The anti-vaccine radio host with Govit-19 changes his mind

The anti-vaccine radio host with Govit-19 changes his mind


In the United States, especially in the southern states, authorities continue to call on people to get vaccinated. Most of the new cases involved unannounced individuals. This is the situation of a famous radio presenter from Tennessee who protested against the vaccine and is now hospitalized with a serious form.

With our correspondent in New York, Labna Anaki

For months, on his radio show, Bill Valentine mocked the vaccine against Govt-19, vowing that it would be ineffective, defending his freedom of choice, and encouraging listeners to do so. ” The chances of me catching the Covid-19 and dying are very low “, He recently flew into the air.

Today, the radio host is hospitalized in intensive care at a hospital in Nashville, Tennessee. Bill Valentine, 61, tested positive for Covit-19 a week ago and was diagnosed with severe pneumonia. In a statement released on Saturday, his family is now calling for an emergency vaccination for listeners. ” Pray for the bill and take the shot », We can read.

Level reversal

Relatives of Bill Valentine explain that the host regrets his comments against the vaccine and is eager to return to work to raise public awareness of the dangers of Covit-19.

Among the people who did not face the re-emergence of delta diversity, more and more conservative personalities and politicians have changed their positions. The Fox News Channel also launched a vaccination campaign last week. The question of compulsory vaccination is being raised more and more frequently.

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