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#Moiaussi movement: comedian Alex Deauville sues netizens for nearly $120,000

#Moiaussi movement: comedian Alex Deauville sues netizens for nearly $120,000

The comedian, who is believed to have been the victim of online defamation as part of the #Moiaussi whistleblower movement, is now seeking compensation of nearly $120,000.

Alexandre Deauville took allegations online last summer that he acted as a sexual predator, to a Quebec court last week in a bid to seek compensation.

On July 11, 2020, a user named Sébastien St-Germain published an online post on the Facebook page “Dis son nom”, in which several personalities were allegedly targeted, in order to denounce the alleged actions of Alexandre Deauville on behalf of his best friend, supporting the footage. the screen.

Two other netizens, Jeannie Côté and Melody Danes, also later testified against the comedian on Facebook. The first would have portrayed him as “a sexual pervert, stalker and aggressor”, while the second posted screenshots of a text message conversation in which Alexandre Deauville appears as if he was trying to kidnap her, can we read in the query.

As a result of these online allegations, the comedian lost contracts and ticket sales while he was producing shows. “The applicant had to give up all his general professional ideas in the world of humor and go back to school due to damage to his reputation,” it was detailed in court documents.

Alexandre Deauville, in his application, also argues that he suffered from a lack of sleep and appetite.

For these reasons, he claims a total of $119,275, mostly in lost income, but also in moral and punitive damages.