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A documentary film denouncing the destruction of the planet

A documentary film denouncing the destruction of the planet

This display at SHGM was part of the celebrations surrounding Earth Day. Here Uni-Vert group coordinator Guy Ahir presents this film. Photography by Romain Pelletier

At the invitation of the environmental group Uni-Vert de la Matanie, more than thirty people attended the free screening of “The Ocean Seen from the Heart” last night in the Antoine-Gagnon space of the Matanee Society of History and Genealogy (SHGM). ).

In this 96-minute documentary directed by Yolande Cadrin Rossignol and Marie-Dominique Michaud, we ask why we cause so much suffering to animals, destroy living species through their overexploitation and pollute so many things, among other things, with plastic?

A crime against humanity

Above all, how is destroying the planet not a crime?

And that in law, why did we not impose restrictions on industrial and petroleum activity and all fossil, mining, chemical, agricultural and nuclear industrial activities as well, in order to respect the environmental balances that ensure the survival of humanity?

According to all specialists, it is necessary to take care of marine ecosystems to live better on land in the emerging world.

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