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Michelle Vaughn as Bandapart: “As long as I can get back on stage without being pressured, I have no reason to stop”

In less than a week, French singer Michel Foggin will kick off his new annual tour, ‘Michel Foggin does Bandapart’, held to celebrate his 80th birthday, as well as his extraordinary career.

For a month, the singer-songwriter, who has been doing his job for nearly 60 years, has traveled the roads of Quebec with his group, but beware, this is not a farewell tour.

“Why do I say goodbye to the ones I love,” Michel Foggin simply answered during his interview with QMI earlier this week. He then continued, laughing, “As long as I can get back on stage without squeezing, without a walker, I have no reason to stop.”

The man will be 81 years old next May, but no one can guess by his voice. And if the creation of one last show is currently being planned, then for him there is no doubt that this will be his last singing tour. “Life is a farce, and I don’t want it to end,” he said.

For now, the nearly two-hour show that Michel Vaughin will be touring the province throughout May will inevitably bring great classics to life on stage, such as “Chante”, “Une belle Histoire” and “Fais comme l’bird” Attention ladies and gentlemen or even party.

Quebec’s proposal also differs slightly from the European version it offered in the winter and is preferable, he said. “All the French or Franco-European songs have nothing to care about on the other side,” said the singer. I’ve also been told not to talk so much [entre les chansons]Because I talk to me a lot,” he continued, laughing.

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With nearly 60 years of his career, Michel Vaughn has always wanted to renew himself from project to project, from the time of the Grand Bazaar to today. He said, “Every time I gave myself the opportunity to do something else, to do something different, to do something I hadn’t done, the idea of ​​repeating things paralyzed me.”

Driven by the same passion as in his early days and a desire to connect with his audience, the singer never gets the impression that he is “performing a show” when he is having a good time with his audience. “I spend an evening with people, and when I say ‘I’, I also speak for the group, there are six of us on stage. We spend an evening together and that’s what seems important to me,” recalls the established Haute-Cours man who never hesitates to articulate of his human convictions.

In particular, during his interview, he stressed the importance of encouraging living art, which, according to him, is one of the only ways to share and share a little bit of humanity. “The relationship of man to man, I want that and always to be human. I will use the phrase too, and if only one remains, I will be that.”

Michel Vaughn is due in Quebec on Monday, after more than three years of absence in La Belle Province. Since his debut in 1969, the singer has always had the feeling of coming home, as soon as his plane lands at Montreal airport.

“I always look forward to returning to Quebec. It has never happened to me since 1969. I never left Quebec; in fact, it never left my veins.”

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tour michelle vaughn, “Michael Vaughn Makes Bandapart”It will start next Friday in Gatineau and end on May 20 in Broussard. It will also make stops in Laval, Quebec and Montreal.